May 19, 2019

Distribution America Member/Owners ... Helping Retailers To Compete Profitably in Their Markets.

Headquartered in Charlotte NC, Distribution America was formed in 1991 with the merger of Liberty Distributors and Sentry Hardware. Today Distribution America is ranked as the largest independent distribution network in America. DA and it's Member/Owners support retailers in all 50 states, South America and the Caribbean.

As a co-op, fully funded by our Member/Owners, we take advantage of economies of scale to provide services to our Members to help them survive and grow in today's competitive environment. 100% of all rebates collected by DA are returned to the Members based on their purchases from each DA Vendor. The Members pay for the DA office, not the vendors.

Distribution America Member/Owners and their Vendor Partners respect your individuality and support you with a variety of optional programs without compromising your independence. These programs offer you the flexibility to promote your own name while providing you with quality name brand products, personalized promotions and individualized retail growth strategies to help you compete profitability in your market.

• Interfacing with vendor community
• Establishing programs for DA distributors
• Negotiating advertising specials and opportunities
• Communicating special deals and discounts
• Coordinating import buys 
• Central Payment Program
• Coordination and combining of member remittances for payment to vendors
• Electronic payment of funds (ACH)
• Coordination of benchmark results among members through the use of a monthly scorecard

• Print Promotions
• Design Services
• Display Kits
• Website Design
• Support Vehicles 
• Product assortment strategies
• Retail pricing system
• Retail market analysis
• Retail design & layout
• Retail decor
• Retail branding strategies

Distribution America and its distributor member/owners do not sell directly to consumers.