May 19, 2019

Distribution America’s  Retail Profit Management (RPM) process is a comprehensive approach to improving retail profitability and competitive position. RPM features strategies for assortments, pricing, advertising, merchandising and employees training. RPM is the only industry program that includes extensive research on a specific market. Strategies for product assortment, pricing, advertising and personal development are geared for business growth

RPM Evaluates competitive position
RPM Establishes departmental profitability goals
RPM Defines a retailers strategic business opportunities
RPM Positions a retailer for profitability


How RPM Works

RPM Research & Analysis Develops A Market Specific Strategy Implemented Through:

Management reports and recommendations
Retail Merchandising System (RMS)
Retail Pricing System

The 8 Elements of RPM

The RPM Process Includes:
Market Research
Analysis & Development of Recommendations
Initiation of Store Strategy
Performance Monitoring