May 19, 2019



Distribution America Member/Owners provide customizable components that help increase store traffic, build customer loyalty, and build local brands.  From circulars and coupon books to the loyalty program and retail service options, DA and it's Member/Owners are committed to helping retailers effectively communicate their products and services to their customers.

Electronic based advertising system provides limitless options to create promotional materials.

All you need is an internet connection to quickly and effectively create or customize promotional materials from
your home or office computer 24/7. Start with a pre-merchandised ad or create your own market-specific ad promoting your products, services, and prices. 100% flexible!

Your single source for a wide variety of vehicles including circulars, flyers, newspaper, direct mail
ads and more.

• Easy to Use
• Time Saving
• Immediate Proofs
• Information Tools and Report Capabilities
• Shorten lead time

Retail Tools For Profits


Website Design
Customers will look for you on the internet, make sure you are there! The website design program will provide a cost-effective way to make the move to the Internet. There are several available templates with simple, eye-catching designs, which are customizable for a variety of uses.
  Unbeatable Deal
Each month there is an unbelievable low priced special deal available for promotion. Item is featured on the front page of the national circular program and backed by a POP sign kit.

American Express
Special DA rate. All minimum usage fees waived. Easy to join and no switching processors or machines.

  Visa/Mastercard Program
Request a FREE comparative analysis on current credit card programs and find potential savings.
Grainger Special Item Fulfillment
Discounts off catalog and motors.  Over 100,000 SKU’s you normally would not stock. Over 2 million repair and replacement parts.
  New Mover Program
The New Mover Program is a monthly direct mail program which targets families that have recently moved to a retailers’ area. Identify these families and send them a welcoming letter with coupons redeemable only at your store.
Office Depot offers discount off retail pricing plus deeper discounts on paper and free delivery on orders over $50.
Package Express Centers
Total SystemTM “package processing & shipping” software designed especially for In-store retailing.
Pro Phase Repeat Rewards
Identify customers and track their shopping habits. Communicate with customers on a personal level.  Create and encourage repeat shopping.


 Calander Program
A calendar's long life makes its cost-per-eye-impression a real value. Your message stays with customers by thanking them for yesterday's business and asking them for business today.

Customizable Interior and Exterior Signage Programs
Complement your store brand and colors

Member Insurance (
is the largest provider of insurance to co-op and independent hardware stores and related businesses and has been doing so since 1972. Member Insurance is endorsed by multiple national cooperatives and provides property, casualty, life, & health insurance solutions along with offering extended service plans to its members to sell to their customers.